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Client Profile

Soft Peaks Ice Cream

Owner: Dan (Kyung min) Kim & Ken (Kyung ho) Kim

Established: Since May 2014


Gastown: 25 Alexander St. Vancouver, BC – 604-559-2071

Metrotown: 4603 Kingsway Burnaby, BC 604-620-5887

The special “handcrafted” Soft Peaks recipe is made with Avalon organic milk, a touch of sweetness, and is then churned to smooth perfection. The result is a refreshing and creamy dessert that is all-natural, and lower in calories and fat than ice cream. In addition to organic milk, organic cream, organic milk powder, and organic stabilizers/ emulsifiers (all of them are Kosher certified), we use dextrose to replace generically modified sugar (GMO) like high fructose corn syrup when we make our ice cream.

Soft Peaks loves local! Premium toppings, like a fresh piece of Okanagan and Fraser Valley honeycomb, have been crafted for perfect pairings. All of their milk comes from Avalon Dairy, a local dairy farm known for its uncompromising quality. Their ice cream cups, spoons, and napkins are from local suppliers, some of them are also compostable! Soft Peaks also supports the BC Children’s Hospital Foundation by donating partial proceeds from their sales.

Soft Peaks has been a client of Louis T. Picco since they opened and their soft serve is definitely Butter Approved!

BNI Member Profile

Robert Trasolini – Safe Pacific

Meet Robert Trasolini! He is our life, disability & critical injury insurance advisor at BNI Creeskside.

Robert has been a partner at Safe Pacific since May 2011

Robert’s main focus is working with families, business owners, and professionals. He thrives off of building custom financial strategies that attract and retain good people.

“I work with business owners and professionals in Vancouver. Taking the time to understand their financial situation, to really know what they are trying to achieve and the challenges they face. From there I can come up with a plan to resolve these financial issues and ensure they reach their goals. There are many challenges business owners face, from the new passive income rules to retaining top talent, it’s important to have the right professionals on your side.”

For all your Life, Disability & Critical Injury Insurance needs, do not hesitate to contact Robert by email: robert@safepacific.com or by phone: (778) 991-9073!

Tax Tips/Thought of the Day

Butter’s Tax Tip of the Month!

In 2018, the BC provincial government introduced the Speculation Tax. The Speculation tax’s purpose was to discourage housing speculation and prevent people from leaving homes vacant in BC’s major urban centers. 

The Speculation tax targets:

  • Foreign and domestic speculators who own residences in BC but do not pay taxes here;
  • Investors who own homes in BC that they don’t reside in (not their principal residence) who do not rent out these properties (vacant homes)

All owners of residential properties must fill in an online annual declaration by March 31 of each year. 

If you have any further questions or concerns about whether the new Speculation Tax applies to you, or for more information, please do not hesitate to contact us! We are here to review your situation and help you “Keep What’s Yours”

Butter’s Quote of the Month!

“If the only prayer you said in your whole life was “thank you” that would suffice”

– Meister Eckhart