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September 1, 2019

Client Profile

The Flying Pig

Owners: Brian Isherwood, John Crook and Erik Heck



Gastown: 102 Water Street, Vancouver BC – 604.559.7968

Yaletown: 1168 Hamilton Street, Vancouver BC – 604.568.1344

Olympic Village: 127 2nd Avenue West, Vancouver BC – 604.569.1111

Victoria: 1245 Wharf Street, Victoria BC – 250-483-3814

The Flying Pig Group of Restaurants is a collection of culinary experiences that deliver authentic food made by genuine people. Based on the West Coast of Canada, their restaurants draw inspiration from the diversity of fresh ingredients readily available here, and the tradition of unforgettable but humble family feasts. In short, they create experiences that feel like home

The name “Flying Pig” touches on the idea of making the impossible happen, dreaming big, and continuously aiming higher. It also alludes to the restaurant’s whimsical edge, and it is grounded in the simple idea of a good time.

BNI Member Profile

Antisocial Media Solutions

Owner: Daryl Louie & Alex Chan



Vancouver: #316 – 1008 Homer St, Vancouver B.C. Canada – 778-379-6677

Toronto: #510 – 555 Richmond St. W, Toronto, O.N. Canada

Antisocial Media Solutions handle everything in-house, their photographers and videographers speak (face-to-face) to the social media strategists, who turn around in their desks to consult with their copywriters. They stay true to your brand’s voice, collaborating not only with each other but with you as well. Meanwhile, our graphic designers create websites and landing pages, grabbing attention in those first critical seconds. And their sophisticated print media game provides consistency across all mediums for your brand’s identity.

Antisocial’s diverse professional group knows the right channels to promote your content. Their advertising pros plan and execute the most effective strategy, saving you coin in the long run.

Also on a very important note, they also have permanent canine consultants who rule their office. Scheduling a meeting (re: belly-rubs) is strongly encouraged by the associates.

Tax Tips/Thought of the Day

Butter’s Tax Tip of the Month!

In 2009, the <Tax Free Savings Account> was introduced by the Canadian government to help Canadians save money. Like other registered accounts, the TFSA is a tax-sheltered way to grow your wealth. Unlike other registered accounts, the TFSA is an all-purpose account where it is not designated for a specific purpose, but you are able to spend the money whenever and however you like!

As the name implies, all forms of income – meaning any interest, dividends or capital gains earned from investments of the TFSA account are TAX FREE making this account a very powerful investment tool. The account can be used for a variety of investment vehicles including mutual funds, GICs, and various other stock investments.

How do you contribute to your TFSA account? There are two contribution limits to look out for: the annual and the lifetime contribution limit. The annual contribution limit is the maximum amount per calendar year that can be contributed – this is set by the Government of Canada and each year’s amount can be found of their website. For 2020, the annual contribution limit is $6,000. You are entitled to all the TFSA contribution room that has accumulated since you turned 18. If you have never opened up a TFSA account, since you turned 18, you can contribute the whole accumulated amount in the current year without penalty. This is the Lifetime contribution limit. Each year’s annual contribution limit is different so you would have to add up all the different amounts to find your lifetime contribution limit. If you were 18 or older in 2009, you are entitled to $63,500 in TFSA contributions without penalty. Be careful, the over-contribution penalty for your TFSA is 1% of the over-contribution per month until the over amount is withdrawn. Withdrawing from your TFSA is as easy as contributing to it. Money in, money out no forms or special arrangements. Also, any gains from the account are tax free and not considered income. 

Hope you can use this information to make use of this powerful tax saving, money growing, powerful investment tool!

Butter’s Quote of the Month!

“If the only prayer you said in your whole life was “thank you” that would suffice”

– Meister Eckhart