Unfiled Taxes

The Eagle Has Landed

An entrepreneur realizes that, when it comes to filing back-taxes, the first step is the hardest (and, really, the only hard part of the whole process) Allistar Eagle was an in-demand photographer living in Vancouver. He loved his work and his business was flourishing. Unfortunately, the idea of compiling his taxes and submitting them left him cold.

Over the years he had started gathering together his paperwork over 100 times, only to get distracted and never finish the job.

Finally things got so bad (and he got so many calls from the CRA) that Allistar contacted us. We assured him that all he needed to do was gather together whatever documents and receipts he had at that moment, and come into the office. Two years later, he made it through our door for a free consultation. As it turns out, Allistar’s paperwork was in much better shape than he thought. He was sent home with a short list of other materials to gather, a sense of relief – not only had he started the process, but it was going to be much easier than he’d imagined.

Within 3 weeks the current year was complete, and after that the process got even faster – the remaining 5 years were done in 2 months.

Our firm also managed communication with the CRA on Allistar’s behalf from the moment he walked through the door for his first consultation. Because nobody needs that kind of interruption when they’re running their own business. If you’ve ever had the misfortune of being a non-filer, you know that making that first step – getting through the door of an accountant’s office – is the hardest.

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