Our Philosophy

Everything we do is focused on creating unique and efficient tax management solutions that help our clients "Keep What's Yours".

Everything we do is fuelled by a genuine zest for dealing with a variety of good people, sharing knowledge and experience, protecting integrity and creating efficient and creative solutions to reduce taxes.

Everything we do is fuelled by an honest passion for meeting, working with and helping our clients achieve more and succeed financially.

Our History

At the accounting firm of Louis T. Picco, Inc. we believe in providing tax management solutions that will help our customers "KEEP WHAT'S YOURS!". Clients appreciate our genuine customer service and, most importantly, how we save them taxes.

Louis Picco started his own public accounting firm in 1999 and incorporated in 2001. Louis T. Picco, Inc. has enjoyed steady growth since its inception providing corporate, personal and estate tax management and planning services to a broad range of clients. It has established a reputation for delivering second-to-none service while making sure our clients Keep What's Yours! The team comprises accounting professionals and hand picked trainees who are equally committed to the success of your business. Louis is an expert in the field with decades of experience and a commitment to continuous learning, who also believes in adding fun to every day.

Louis Picco is a Chartered Professional Accountant (formerly a Chartered Accountant) with extensive knowledge and experience in the business arena. After six years of public practice, he became CFO for the Eastwood Group of Companies. Since founding Louis T. Picco, Inc. over 16 years ago, he has steadily grown the business and gained an excellent reputation.

Louis and his team of seven staff members provide a full range of client assistance, including personal and corporate file preparation and bookkeeping assistance and training. Louis genuinely enjoys working with, getting to know, and helping his clients. A consummate learner, he is also a natural teacher, and takes great pleasure in supporting his team to expand their knowledge of accounting, and get their professional designation. His services are personal, thorough and creative. He works hard, within the structure of the tax laws, to save clients' money.


What clients really like about working with Louis

All clients were complimentary of the services received from Louis T Picco. Almost every client indicated they particularly appreciated that Louis was available to them; They could easily access him either by phone or for an in person meeting, and that if he was not available, he always got back to them promptly. Many commented that Louis is very personable, and that he has a very good team. Many also reported their appreciation of his willingness to go above and beyond and his willingness to share his professional expertise without billing them for each connection. All clients value his professionalism, knowledge, and experience. Comments used to describe Louis and his team include:

  • Honest and interested in paying the right amount of tax

  • Supportive of us as a company

  • Great customer service

  • Open door policy/always available

  • Takes the time to explain issues/patient

  • Approachable

  • Makes us feel important

  • Competent

  • Specialized knowledge and considerable experience

  • Quality work, delivers value

  • Detail oriented

  • Impressive