Our Philosophy

Everything we do is focused on creating unique and efficient tax management solutions that help our clients "Keep What's Yours".

Everything we do is fuelled by a genuine zest for dealing with a variety of good people, sharing knowledge and experience, protecting integrity and creating efficient and creative solutions to reduce taxes.

Everything we do is fuelled by an honest passion for meeting, working with and helping our clients achieve more and succeed financially.


Our History

At the accounting firm of Louis T. Picco, Inc. we believe in providing tax management solutions that will help our customers "KEEP WHAT'S YOURS!". Clients appreciate our genuine customer service and, most importantly, how we save them taxes.

Louis Picco started his own public accounting firm in 1999 and incorporated in 2001. Louis T. Picco, Inc. has enjoyed steady growth since its inception providing corporate, personal and estate tax management and planning services to a broad range of clients. It has established a reputation for delivering second-to-none service while making sure our clients Keep What's Yours! The team comprises accounting professionals and hand picked trainees who are equally committed to the success of your business. Louis is an expert in the field with decades of experience and a commitment to continuous learning, who also believes in adding fun to every day.

Louis Picco is a Chartered Professional Accountant (formerly a Chartered Accountant) with extensive knowledge and experience in the business arena. After six years of public practice, he became CFO for the Eastwood Group of Companies. Since founding Louis T. Picco, Inc. over 16 years ago, he has steadily grown the business and gained an excellent reputation.

Louis and his team of six staff members provide a full range of client assistance, including personal and corporate file preparation and bookkeeping assistance and training. Louis genuinely enjoys working with, getting to know, and helping his clients. A consummate learner, he is also a natural teacher, and takes great pleasure in supporting his team to expand their knowledge of accounting, and get their professional designation. His services are personal, thorough and creative. He works hard, within the structure of the tax laws, to save clients' money.


Louis Picco

Chartered Professional Accountant

Louis was born and raised in Edmonton Alberta (a place that he still refers to as home and visits annually). He graduated from the University of Alberta (Commerce Program) in 1988 and received his Chartered Accounting designation in January 1991 (WOW 25 years as a CA/CPA ... no wonder he is turning grey!). After six years of public practice, Louis accepted a CFO position with Eastwood Companies and moved to beautiful British Columbia. Now calls Vancouver his second home and he even cheers for the Canucks, Lions & ESPECIALLY the Whitecaps!

In 2000, Louis re-entered public practice by launching his professional accounting firm "Louis T. Picco Inc." and the company has been growing steadily since then. His firm from day one has been committed to helping its clients "KEEP WHATS YOURS" and deliver its services in a prompt and professional manner. Louis has been a member of BNI Harbourside for over 15 years and BNI referrals have been a large reason for the company's strong growth. If not in the office, Louis can be found practicing his yoga skills with his daughter in West Vancouver or cheering for the favorite sports team in the pub with friends or live in person at the stadium.

Karim Lalani

Chartered Professional Accountant

Karim Lalani has been with Louis T. Picco Inc. for the past 5 years. He is a Chartered Professional Accountant (previously a CMA) with over twenty-five years of public practice experience. He has been delivering outstanding professional accounting services, in a variety of roles ranging from assurance and taxation engagements, to controllership of geographically dispersed public companies. Methodical, well­ seasoned, technically up to date professional offering extensive experience to public accounting firms in general accounting, taxation and advisory services requiring a strong background in taxation, technical expertise and financial reporting skills. Professional expertise reinforced by key strengths - a passion for exceeding client expectations, disciplined work habits and continuous self-learning to achieve professional excellence.

On his time off, Karim enjoys sitting at home with a nice glass of Jack Daniels in his hands while watching the Whitecaps. ln 2014, Karim went to Brazil for the World Cup of Soccer and came back darker than ever.


What clients really like about working with Louis

All clients were complimentary of the services received from Louis T Picco. Almost every client indicated they particularly appreciated that Louis was available to them; They could easily access him either by phone or for an in person meeting, and that if he was not available, he always got back to them promptly. Many commented that Louis is very personable, and that he has a very good team. Many also reported their appreciation of his willingness to go above and beyond and his willingness to share his professional expertise without billing them for each connection. All clients value his professionalism, knowledge, and experience. Comments used to describe Louis and his team include:

  • Honest and interested in paying the right amount of tax

  • Supportive of us as a company

  • Great customer service

  • Open door policy/always available

  • Takes the time to explain issues/patient

  • Approachable

  • Makes us feel important

  • Competent

  • Specialized knowledge and considerable experience

  • Quality work, delivers value

  • Detail oriented

  • Impressive


  • "I've been a client of Louis Picco's for 7 years. I do business with Louis because he is a great mix of integrity, accessibility,professionalism and reliability. Over the course of our association, Louis has always personally made time for me for professional and personal money matters, taken the time to explain his strategy in managing my assets and provided invaluable insight. I trust him and confidently recommend him and his services."


    The Granola King Wholesome Foods
  • "In my own business, Louis has been an invaluable resource. Not content to simply receive, review and prepare tax returns for CRA, he is a pro-active advisor who I rely on for tax planning. For example, a review of my personal and business goals resulted in recommendations on how I could re-sturcture my company to reduce taxes owing. I have come to expect that level of support form Louis. I cannot recommend Louis highly enough. He really does:help you keep what's yours."


    Andrew Orr
    Insight Business Development
  • "Sometimes it can be challenging to understand some of the more complex tax issues, but Louis is patient and always takes time to explain things in ways that are easy to understand. I have come to rely on him and his team.I'm happy when we are audited and our auditors are happy with his work."


    Debbie Lambert
    Teamsters Union
  • "I usually do my own taxes, but this year I was not sure about the tax implications of some stocks I had bought. I fully expected to have to pay a lot of tax. I contacted Louis, gave him all the info, and was delighted when he called me back about a week later and gave me the good news! My taxes were all done, and I am getting a refund. I am telling all my friends how great he is!"


    - Gabrielle Ple
  • "Before we met Louis he got glowing reviews, and we were not disappointed when we met him. It was clear to us from the beginning that he is much more than an accountant.  In addition to providing excellent tax advice he has provided us with valuable business advice and connections.   We've been working with Louis for more than three years now, and what we like best is the quality of the work and his willingness to go above and beyond to help us succeed."

    - Lisa Andres, CEO
    IgnitePlay Inc.
  • "The first time I met Louis he gave me an initial assessment on my personal tax situation, and I liked his approach.  A year or so later I was happy to ask him to handle the files for five corporations. He's skilled at quickly identifying issues and suggesting solutions. I have worked with a number Louis' staff members, and they are all very good too. I'm happy to recommend Louis and his team, and I do so regularly."

    - Darren Reiter
    Purple Productions Inc.
  • "Over the past ten years I have built a strong business relationship with Louis Picco. Through good times and challenging times he has provided expert support and guidance. Louis and his team look after me with a personal touch. He's honest, interested in paying the right amount of tax, puts his clients first, and does a first class job."

    - Bob Murray
    People First Solutions Inc.
  • "Louis looks after a number of my companies. He brings a specialized knowledge and considerable experience to the job. His staff is wonderful, and the service I get is always impressive."

    - Allan Krasnick
    Salal Film Ventures
  • "When we first started to work with Louis, he really took the time to get to know us and understand our business needs. Now, years later, I appreciate that he makes himself available to us whenever we need him and always has time to carefully explain complex issues. Last year when we were audited by CRA, he was extremely helpful. He took the time to plan with us before the audit, and support us through the entire process. It's a pleasure to work with Louis."

    - Ray Radke
    Radke Brothers Construction Company Ltd.
  • "Louis and his team are really good at what they do. Louis is professional, personable, and always ready to explain what he is doing and why. He's also accessible: he's one of the rare people who always calls back right away. We've grown to over 40 employees, and Louis has grown with us. We are very happy with his services, whenever I hear anyone mention they need a great accountant, I recommend Louis."

    - Lee Cowley
    Lee A Cowley Law Corporation